White Marble


The Classic Beauty of White Marble

Elegant and timeless, white marble has no equal and it still remains the worldwide leading choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Since no two slabs are alike, clients can add an entirely unique element to their home. More a piece of art than a construction material, white marble's dramatic veining against a pure white backdrop is a show-stopper.

Its spectacular beauty outweighs concerns over its softer and more porous nature than its nearly indestructible granite counterpart. Fortunately, white marble develops a beautiful patina over time, but for clients concerned about acid etching, a honed finish is recommended for kitchens.

Types of White Marble Available at Stone West®

white_marble_counterLook no farther -- Stone West has the most extensive selection of high-quality White Marble from Italy. Slabs are available in 2CM, 3CM and 5CM thicknesses and polished or honed finishes. Marble tiles are available in various sizes and patterns including hexagons, subway style, 12" x 24" rectangular flooring and much more.

White Carrara, White Carrara Extra, White Carrara Classic, Calacatta Caldia, Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Continental, Calacatta Michelangelo.